The Sims RugOMatic Documentation

By Don Hopkins

The Sims RugOMatic lets you quickly and easily create rugs for The Sims, with your own pictures and descriptions! Simply 'drag and drop' a picture, name, price and description into RugOMatic, and press the 'Weave My Rug' button. RugOMatic automatically manufactures a new rug, with a text description that you can read in the game!

RugOMatic also writes a web page describing your rug, including the name, price, description, a picture preview, and a link to the downloadable "iff" object file, to help you keep track of your objects, and share them with other people on the web.


When you run The Sims RugOMatic, it will check for two other programs: "The Sims" game and "The Sims Transmogrifier" tool. If either of these required programs are not installed, RugOMatic will report the problem and open a web page showing where to get them.

RugOMatic requires "The Sims" to be installed, and the rugs it creates are compatible with all of the expansion packs. Please order The Sims and expansion packs from:

"The Sims Transmogrifier" is a free tool for creating objects for The Sims, which RugOMatic automatically and invisibly calls on to create rugs. You can download The Sims Transmogrifier from:

You're free to give copies of the rugs you create to your friends, and distribute them on your own web site. You may give copies of the installer (RugOMaticSetup.exe) to your friends, but please don't distribute it on your own web site without permission. Instead, please link to the RugOMatic download page, so everyone gets the latest version.

RugOMatic is available for free from You can make as many 1x1 rugs as you want for free, without registering. To enable the big rugs, please register RugOMatic for $10.

To register RugOMatic, press the "Please Register" button, to pop up the registration window:

To configure RugOMatic, press the "Configure" button, to pop up the configuration window:

This is how a rug will look in The Sims catalog:

You can also read the description be selecting "Describe" from the pie menu:

RugOMatic makes it quick and easy to make lots of fun rugs:

RugOMatic Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to make a big 3x3 rug with a picture of a moon footprint. You will need to register RugOMatic to enable large rugs, but you can still follow along and make a small 1x1 rug if you haven't registered yet.

RugOMatic requires "The Sims" game and "The Sims Transmogrifier" tool to be installed:

If you don't already have The Sims installed, please press the button labeled "Get The Sims" to order The Sims and expansion packs.

If you don't already have the latest version of Transmogrifier, please press the button labeled "Get The Sims Transmogrifier" to download and install Transmogrfier.

If you don't already have the latest version of RugOMatic, please press the button labeled "Upgrade The Sims RugOMatic" to download and install RugOMatic.

If you haven't already registered your copy of RugOMatic, please press the button labeled "Get Your RugOMatic Registration Code" to register RugOMatic, and enable the large rug sizes. This button will open a web page with your RugOMatic serial number already filled in. Please follow the instructions on the web page to purchase a license. The cost is $10, and educational discounts are available. You will receive a registration code on the web page or by email. Enter the registration code in the bottom text field of the registration window, and press the button labeled "Register". If the registration code is correct, you will see the following confirmation:

Congratulations, and thank you for registering The Sims RugOMatic! You are now ready to make a big rug with a moon footprint!

First, you should configure the "Output File Name Base" to be "moonfootprint", so the object file has a meaningful name.

Now you need to find a good image to use. Fortunately, NASA publishes all kinds of great space imagery in the public domain. Try searching for a moon footprint on Google:

The biggest square picture on the right is the best one to use. Click on it to see it on the web page in context, and scroll down until you see the picture you want.

Please note that the current version of RugOMatic will stretch the image to fit the tiles, so a square image works best for a 3x3 rug, but a rectangular image will be distorted. This is a limitation which the next version of RugOMatic will correct, so you will be able to scale and position your image anywhere over the tiles without stretching it out of proportion. Please register RugOMatic, so you can be notified when free upgrades are available.

Now that you've found a picture and some descriptive text, you can fill in the fields of the RugOMatic window, and press a button to create your new rug! First, type the title "Moon Footprint" into the name field. Then, type the price "1000" into the price field. Next, select the descriptive text in the web browser, and drag and drop it into the description field. Finally, drag and drop the picture into the bottom half of the RugOMatic window.

Note that you can drag and drop a picture or the URL of a picture into the RugOMatic window, or press the button labeled "Load My Picture" to open an image with a file dialog. You can type or drag and drop text into the RugOMatic name field. The first line of text is used for the name, while subsequent lines are used for the description. You can type or drag and drop a number into the RugOMatic price field.

If you've registered RugOMatic, then select the big 3x3 rug style. Otherwise you're limited to making small 1x1 rugs. Registering RugOMatic is one small step for you, and a giant leap for The Sims!

Now press the "Weave My Rug" button, and RugOMatic will chug and churn for a moment, displaying its progress in the text field at the top of the window. When it's done, it will triumphantly open up the following web page:

As you can see from the URL, a web page with the new rug object file is created in a folder called "RugOMatic", inside your Sims "Downloads" directory. RugOMatic creates three files in that directory with the same name, but different extensions: "moonfootprint_3x3_197448.htm" is a web page, "moonfootprint_3x3_197448.gif" is a preview picture, and "moonfootprint_3x3_197448.iff" is a Sims object file. The web page with the preview picture makes it easy for you to keep track of all the objects you create. You can uploadload the web page with the picture and Sims object to a web server, and publish it on the internet for other people to share.

Now run The Sims, load a lot, open the catalog, go to the decorations category, and select the rugs sub-category. Scroll through the thumbnails sorted by price, until you find the Moon Footprint. Now buy one of your new rugs for 1000, and place it on the floor!

If you click on the rug in the game, you'll notice the pie menu has a useful item named "Describe":

When you select "Describe", your Sim will walk over to the rug and describe it for you, by popping up a window with the catalog text. So the rugs are like picture postcards with notes you can read in the game! Now you can memorialize real-life events in The Sims, by making storytelling rugs with pictures from digital cameras, cell phones and the web!

You can make as many rugs as you like, and rotate them around to face the direction you want. You're free to give copies of the rugs you create to your friends, and distribute them on the web. Be creative, and have fun with RugOMatic and The Sims!

RugOMatic Program, Documentation and Tutoral Copyright (C) 2004 by Don Hopkins. All Rights Reserved.